Sunday, May 21, 2006

Eclipse - Empty Weights

As reported in the May 2-8 issue of Flight International, Mike Gerzanics flew a beta test airplane for evaluation.

According to Mike's report, the aircraft did not have all of the systems and only three cabin seats, one short. He did not mention whether the icing equipment was installed. At the date of his flight, the cabin seats were not likely to have been FAA certified.

With three people on board (he did not mention their weights), no baggage, 1,495 lbs of fuel (46 lbs short of full fuel), the aircraft was within 45 lbs of max takeoff weight.

The Eclipse is already starting to come up short. It is advertised as an airplane that can carry four 170 lb individuals, 30 lbs of baggage, six seats and full fuel.

Mike's airplane would not be able to make the famous Phoenix - Chicago leg from a weight standpoint plus, the highest the altitude achieved was 32,000 feet. For reference, his speed at FL 320 was 395 ph, the fuel specifics .93 miles per pound or about 6.23 miles per gallon.

At best preliminary numbers, everyone will have to wait until the airplane is fully FAA certified, a complete airplane is put on the scales and flown to higher altitudes.

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