Friday, October 20, 2006

FAA Type Data Sheet

The FAA has posted the Eclipse Data Sheet to their web site.$FILE/A00002AC.pdf

This TDS was issued out of the Fort Worth Aircraft Certification Office and therefore differs slightly from what comes out of the Wichita office which handles Cessna and Beech certification. One difference was the inclusion of the following Note 9. I would like to ask for comments on whether this statement gives Eclipse more control over individuals flying the 500 than what Cessna has over pilots flying the CJ3?

Note 9. All pilots operating the Eclipse Aviation EA-500 must be trained and qualified in accordance with the FAA Accepted/Approved Eclipse Aviation training program or other FAA Approved training program.


Kaptain Kool-Aid said...

How can you tell when your jet is too small? When you have to use 6-inch N-Numbers because the standard 12-inch variety – which are used by everyone else in the industry – simply won’t fit on your airplane!

Note 8 in the Eclipse EA500 TCDS states: "Application of six inch registration numbers is approved under FAR 45.29 as stated in approval memo from SW-MIDO-43, dated May 11, 2006 and memo from the Aircraft and Airport Rules Division, dated May 5, 2006."

For those curious, FAR 45.29 is entitled “Size of marks” and subpart (f) states: “If either one of the surfaces authorized for displaying required marks under Sec. 45.25 is large enough for display of marks meeting the size requirements of this section and the other is not, full-size marks shall be placed on the larger surface. If neither surface is large enough for full-size marks, marks as large as practicable shall be displayed on the larger of the two surfaces. If any surface authorized to be marked by Sec. 45.27 is not large enough for full-size marks, marks as large as practicable shall be placed on the largest of the authorized surfaces.”

Perhaps, Vern was hoping to create an optical illusion of sorts by using half-scale N-Numbers? “Hey Bob, look at that new Gulfstream over there with, uh... tip tanks?... oh, wait a minute… it's just an Eclipse!”

I hear Vern's next act will be pulling a net profit out of his hat... David Copperfield would have trouble with that one! ;-)

Stan Blankenship said...

k k-a,

This could be the start of a new can you tell when your jet is too small?

Like, how do you know if you are a "redneck"?

Bambazonke said...

Well the Kool Aid is starting to run dry, still no plane delivered and a Type Cert that says that their MTOW is 5800 lbs not the 5900 lbs the number that they are touting on their website...

There limitations to any integrated avionics changes an owner might want on his plane, so there goes the retrofit market, incorporated in a TC, what next!

BTW got to see a contract from KKA,the Buyer waives all rights against claims agains the negligence of Eclipse, and furthermore waives the rights of his insurer to come after Eclipse for their negligence. KKA is wondering why there are not lines of underwriters beating his door down to do his business..

What kind of jet have you ever seen with a 2" datum at Gross wt? That is at 4800 lbs, if Kaptain Kool Aid gets his way with the feds (again) this will be even slimmer. By the way I also think KKA is going to add some wing tips to this baby, that is going to increase the fuel by 24 gallons, that might be another 160 lbs out of the back!

Spoke with KKA's followers at NBAA, they are so annebriated with their success I can't wait for them to fall on their asses. No one can give you real numbers, don't dare to ask for a AFM, this does not exist.

Oh well I guess they have been good for a lot of entertainment...:-))

Bambazonke said...

How things change when the ink hits the paper;

Looking at the TCDS noticed the following;
At Osh KKA said: Vmo 285 kts, TCDS=285 kts.
Gear operation speed at Osh Vlo: 250 kts, TCDS=200 kts

Funny how things change when the real numbers are released, bet we will see more of this.

Bambazonke said...

Sorry about the previous post, should have read it before posting first line should read:

Looking at the TCDS noticed the following;
At Osh KKA said: Vmo 285 kts, TCDS=275 kts.
Gear operation speed at Osh Vlo: 250 kts, TCDS=200 kts

Stan Blankenship said...


There are a lot of numbers we don't have yet. The TCDS does not list the minimum control speed. The Mustang TCDS provides the speed.

The difference probably is due to what the certification office wanted to see in the Data Sheet.

Eclipse was certified out of the Ft. Worth office. Wichita certified the Mustang.

Not to split fine hairs, but I am assuming the kaptain kool-aid who posts on this blog is not the same as Kaptain Kool Aid (aka KKA) that you reference to in your comments.

Bambazonke said...

Yes, the KKA I refer to is the charlatan in Albuquerque.

Kaptain Kool-Aid said...

To set the record straight, Kaptain Kool-Aid is NOT Vern Louis Raburn's alter ego. We are two separate individuals. In fact, I hear Vern prefers grape, whereas I'm a cherry man myself... OH, YEAAHH!