Friday, March 23, 2007

Testimony in Washington this week:

This time it was FAA Administrator Marion Blakey and her boss, Department of Transportation Secretary Mary Peters, making the arguments at the FAA Forecast Conference on March 15 and 16.

"Manufacturers like Cessna and Eclipse are preparing delivery of thousands of new very light jets, with the potential to usher in the largest increase in air traffic since the 1960s," said Peters.

The Eclipse message is ringing in the halls of congress.

Thanks to JetProp Jockey for this important bit of news.


Stan Blankenship said...


JPJ's Breaking News preempted the other post scheduled for this morning.

airtaximan said...


Cessna never said they are delivering thousands of the Mustang. NEVER. The production for the Mustang is "conventional".

Given the FACT that overall GA flights are down this year...

This is all Vern.

Someone should thank him for his "Disruptive" use of his mouth.

They have deliverd 2 planes...and he has the FAA in front of Congress trying to change everything based on his mouth. It's funny how they had to add Cessna's name for credibility to their argument.

I'd be worried about the FAA - seems like they are developing a little conflict of interest regarding E-clips.

They are asking for changes and funding based on the delivery of the E-clips. They are responsible for certifying the E-clips and issuing them a PC...enabling their user-fee argument.

Someone on this blog already stated MB's bonus depends on the delivery of E-clips planes in 2007.

This seems really bad.

This is really bad.

mirage00 said...

You have got to be kidding me????? Let's blame Eclipse for global warming while we are at it everyone!

Breaking News... hahaha

Stan, lets talk about the crow your going to eat. Shall we? Apparently things are looking up at Eclipse and this is what you decide to post... im laughing.

Gunner said...

I'd not have believed that the FAA Administrator is entitled to Incentive Bonuses. Then I did some research. It's true:

We all know the FAA is pushing hard to move FAA cost burdens onto the General Aviation industry. Blakely has repeated this "thousands of new VLJ's" more than a few times. The basis for her numbers is not supported by public statements from any manufacturer but one: Eclipse.

So, while Vern is not responsible for Global Warming, he is fully culpable for giving the FAA ammunition it needs to push this agenda....for good or bad.


Stan Blankenship said...


Tell us what the good news is out of ABQ. The only thing that has been suggested is added funding which must be extra wonderful news to vendors. Especially those not getting paid and are not delivering product because of the non-payment problems.

Just keep these numbers in mind, 12 airplanes and the PC by the end of May.

BTW, the total revenue these few airplanes will generate is somewhere around $6m. BFD!

Remember last year at this time, the buzz was about the TC. "Once we get TC, man we'll be in tall cotton!" Of course they did not have a clue about what it took to obtain a PC.

A year later, the buzz is about PC. "Once we get a PC, we'll be in tall cotton!" Sorry, all you do is move down one item on the Whac-A-Mole list.

cherokee driver said...

So what if Eclipse is just a pawn in DC politics? The FAA and the airlines have been in bed together for years about user fees. Along comes Vern and they find their perfect goat. The media eats up every word he spews like it's prime rib. The timing couldn't be better. Marion is all smiles when she hands over the vaunted TC at Oshkosh because she knows whats coming. She dangles PC like a carrot in front of Eclipse, their customers, Congress, the airlines and the American public. The huge swarm of little jets is coming! Everyone eats it all up because Vern is a hell of a salesman, you have to give him that much. The FAA strings Eclipse along long enough to get what they want then all of a sudden, they issue a couple of AD's Eclipse will never recover from. The pesky Eclipse problem goes away and Marion collects her pieces of silver. Vern, the inventer of user fees. Does that sound like a fairy tale? It's a little different than Eclipse's version. I want to see the order book. These clowns need to be brought back to reality.

airtaximan said...


This is pretty lame "news".

We all knew this stuff was going on.

No one is really going to understand how much Vern screwed GA.

Dayjet got a special tax exemption in Florida recently for their weight class of aircraft, and now they are pushing their cause with local politicos up in Tallahassee..why? Beats one else needs these tax advantages to provide air taxi.

Now that I think of it...these guys will probably try for a weight exeption to the user fee, below some MTOW...and disadvantage anyone providing service with a larger plane. This is brilliant.

Their local news paper called them on BS regarding their price comparison, as well. Somehow the politician was offering price comparisons, and the paper found a Delta fare for a lot less...

These are some talented folks running Dayjet and Eclipse... at exactly what, I'm not sure.

Stan, post the other stuff you were referring to... we in GA don't care that someone is manipulationg the government into increasing the cost of GA travel for everyone.

EclipseOwner387 said...


If this "Breaking News" preempted your other news then I guess I don't need to read the blog for a few days.

airtaximan said...

Dayjet messing up Florida...

Hasner touts using air taxi to lawmakers
By Jennifer Sorentrue

Palm Beach Post Staff WriterThursday, March 22, 2007

TALLAHASSEE- — Rep. Adam Hasner, R-Delray Beach, is pushing an on-demand air taxi service based in his legislative district to other state lawmakers, saying the company could save the state money on their travel to Tallahassee.

Hasner hosted a meeting Wednesday between a small group of state lawmakers and representatives of DayJet Corp., a Delray-Beach based company that promises competitively priced flights between small airports such as those in Boca Raton and Tallahassee.

"Those of us who fly out of commercial airports know that it's not reliable," Hasner said.

The service would cost between $1 and $3 per mile, depending on how quickly the traveler wanted to reach their destination, a company official said.

State lawmakers are reimbursed for travel between Tallahassee and their legislative district during the session.

Hasner said a round-trip ticket on Delta Airlines from Fort Lauderdale to Tallahassee costs him an average of $1,200. He said he spent $539 on his most recent one-way ticket to Tallahassee.

Hasner and a DayJet representative estimated a one-way flight with DayJet between Tallahassee and Boca Raton would range from $300 and $400.

"It is going to transform air travel in the state because it is going to provide more options," he said.

But on Wednesday, The Palm Beach Post found $290 fare for a one-way ticket on a non-stop Delta flight Friday night from Tallahassee to Fort Lauderdale.

When told of the fare, Hasner said that DayJet's service may not always be the cheapest. But the majority of their flights are "going to be much more cost efficient," he said.

Stan Blankenship said...


You baited me, I'll put the next post up...hope you enjoy it!!!

Ken Meyer said...

"Hasner and a DayJet representative estimated a one-way flight with DayJet between Tallahassee and Boca Raton would range from $300 and $400."

If DayJet can actually deliver reliable air transport between Tallahassee and Boca Raton for $400, they should do very well indeed.

That's about an 8-hour drive (more if you hit traffic), and a little over an hour flight in the Eclipse.

DayJet's whole idea is to get guys who might otherwise waste a day driving a trip like that. Put them in an Eclipse instead. They can do their business and get home the same day instead of making it a 3-day trip. That's the theory, and KBCT-KTLH is just the kind of flight that can make it work.


airtaximan said...

but they compared $1200 to $300-$400

when the guy at the Post found a flight for $

Dayjet imposes a stop, and is $3/mi if you do not agree to their hasself factor...if you wish to be within 1/2 hour of your agenda.

If its so great, why not be upfront, honest, accurate and tell the truth?

Why do you need the politiciens, who could be solving world peace and hunger instead of providing you with tax advantages?

It seems like a ploy...

JetProp Jockey said...

Does anyone know what DayJet requires in order to be able to use their services for $1/mile. Assuming 300 knots average speed portal to portal, this is $300 per hour if there was only 1 paying customer, which seems to be a loss - I can't fly my JetProp for $300 per hour. This being said, what would a client need to do to be able to use the service for $1/mile.

Maybe they are using Eclipse's formula - If I am loosing money on every unit of output, I'll make up for it in volume.

Gunner said...

The DayJet PR (and Hasner's comments) seem to be a well worn metaphor for Eclipse, in general:

A claim of ground-breaking efficiency and cost savings is made, followed by a rebuttal based on verifiable fact, followed by some mumbling and shuffling and culminating in a very authoritative statement of "Don't confuse we with the facts; I've already made up my mind."


Ken Meyer said...

"Hasner said a round-trip ticket on Delta Airlines from Fort Lauderdale to Tallahassee costs him an average of $1,200. He said he spent $539 on his most recent one-way ticket to Tallahassee."

The guy was saying what he has been spending on air transport. I can't figure why finding a cheaper fare would change any of that.

Either way, Dayjet never suggested they would be cheaper than the airlines' coach fares. They do not seek to undercut the airlines. That's not their niche. If you think that's what they were saying, you don't understand their model.

They want to provide cost-effective air transport between underserved city pairs that will allow businessmen who are right now driving their cars from place to place and having to spend the night to switch to on-demand air service so they can get home the same day (hence the name DayJet). I think it is a really interesting idea.


Gunner said...

OK, but in that case Hasner shouldn't have compared DayJet to a 4X minimum fare (tax payer paid) ticket. He should have compared DayJet to the costs of chartering a G4...THEN look at all the money we FL Taxpayers would be saving!

flight guy said...

"VLJs will be a nice enhancement to the air charter system, but they won't have a huge impact on air traffic. The predicted demand for VLJs in the air taxi market is based on unrealistically low fares and unrealistically high utilization."

Aboulafia said that 600 to 800 business jets of all sizes would be added to the fleet each year. Nice growth, but not overwhelming.

If 600 to 800 bjets of all shapes and sizes are taking the market. THen I would suspect we will see alot of bankruptcies because Eclipse has all the sales claimed.---Ya right!!!

Jake Pliskin said...

mirage, kinda funny you should pick that for an id when so many people on this blog think that is the sum of this program.

"mirage = something illusory and unattainable"

probably just me but i found it amusing