Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vern's Motivational Message to the Employees

From: Vern Raburn

Sent: Monday, July 23, 2007 6:16 AM

To: All Enterprise

Subject: Eclipse to unveil Eclipse Concept Jet today at Oshkosh

Dear Eclipse Team,

Greetings from Oshkosh! Today, Eclipse will announce some very exciting news during the opening day of AirVenture 2007. I want to take the opportunity to share this news with all of you before the formal announcement is made to the world.

At 7:30 a.m. (CDT) this morning, Eclipse will unveil our concept of a single engine jet aircraft. The unveiling will be in front of a crowd of nearly 150 worldwide members of the aviation press. This aircraft, appropriately named the Eclipse Concept Jet (ECJ), represents a design that has been built over the past six months through a small network of Eclipse partner companies.

The ECJ project consists of two elements: an actual flying ECJ aircraft, as well as an interior mockup. The 4-seat ECJ incorporates a pod-mounted Pratt & Whitney Canada turbofan engine with a V-Tail design, and is projected to offer a maximum speed of 345 knots, a service ceiling of 41,000 ft, and a range of 1,250 nm. Its unmistakable orange painted empennage clearly identifies this as an airplane belonging to Eclipse.

I want each and every one of you to understand that the ECJ is NOT a new product announcement for the company. At this time, there are no plans to make the ECJ a production aircraft. The ECJ is a concept aircraft that Eclipse will use as a marketing exercise to conduct extensive research on the market size and opportunity for a single-engine VLJ. Eclipse is not taking orders on the ECJ – it is not for sale. Eclipse will use this aircraft solely for the purposes of market research.

This is not unlike the practice of an automobile company introducing concept cars at major auto shows. These concepts allow companies to present new ideas and designs to glean first hand market reactions. In fact, less than 20% of concept cars introduced by major automotive companies in the last five years have evolved into a true product offering. Those that have been produced were monumental in selling a large amount of vehicles and building a brand.

The unveiling of the Eclipse Concept Jet will be a highly-charged, energizing event. The ceremony begins with COO Peg Billson unveiling a full scale interior mockup of the ECJ inside the Eclipse exhibit. After Peg continues to speak for a few minutes, the actual flying ECJ will taxi from a private, discrete hangar directly to the Eclipse booth. This will be a great surprise to the aviation community. I was at the controls of the ECJ on Sunday when landing at Oshkosh, along with test pilot Terry Tomeny.

This Oshkosh unveiling ceremony will be videotaped so that all of you can share in the unique experience. You will be receiving an additional email with a link to access this video within the next 24-48 hours.

It is also very important for each of you to understand that the ECJ was designed and built to provide the absolute minimum amount of disruption to the work on the Eclipse 500. The ECJ does not affect our unwavering commitment to deliver our customers the Eclipse 500 we have promised them. Our number one priority as a company is finishing the spec, producing airplanes on schedule, and delivering the ownership experience on the Eclipse 500! We kept that focus and involved only a very few Eclipse employees in the ECJ project. Eclipse worked directly with a select group of partner companies to execute this project. No Eclipse employees were solely dedicated to this project on a full-time basis.

As a company, Eclipse continuously innovates and invests in technologies that provide us with a sustained competitive advantage. Ultimately, this enables us to achieve our goal of providing tremendous increases in value for our products. This is demonstrated in the success of the Eclipse 500, PhostrEx, Avio NG, and much more. In fact, the ECJ was possible due to the shared commonality of each of these elements. It is in our blood to take calculated risks, and inject disruptive change into the marketplace. The ECJ is yet another example of the great capability inherent in our culture.

Information and images of the ECJ can be viewed at a newly launched website:

I look forward to sharing more information with you in the coming days. Until then – back to work!


hummer said...

I think the "auction" thing is disruptive to the secondary market.
I mean, just bid and go down to the factory and pick one up. Maybe at a 5% discount? Sure is a hell of a good way to get immediate cash through the door.

airtaximan said...

they tried this failed. Now , the suckers that were in before, get "e-clips dollars"... I sh_t you not!.

I have only one question:

Does the bidding go up, or down?

cj3driver said...

Ken said;

“…I also learned that many of the 300 D-Jets supposedly sold actually haven't been. They've been "allocated" to various distributors. I was offered S/N 50-something yesterday as the first available slot; I can get an earlier one if I pay a premium…”


Got a similar response from Eclipse. And Eclipse sells direct. Not thru dealers.

You can get an E500 with IOU's, a few weeks. Mike Press has 3 delivered units available (see website). Or, just go to the Eclipse website and follow the link to the company auction.

Do you know how many units to be auctioned? .. Are they included in the 2,700?

Gunner said...

What on earth is an Eclipse Dollar?


flightguy said...

It's your dollar that Eclipse keeps, and deducts from the purchase of an aircraft. It's your hard earned $5k that earns "interest dollars" until your purchase.

Ken Meyer said...

CJ3 wrote,

"Got a similar response from Eclipse. And Eclipse sells direct. Not thru dealers."

You were offered S/N 50-something from Eclipse at list price? That's remarkable.


Gunner said...

Ken said:
"I was offered S/N 50-something yesterday as the first available slot"

That's pretty funny for a guy who demands "proof" of everything that fails to reflect well on Eclipse, Ken. How 'bout you provide a little in the instant case?

I didn't think so. ;-)

Shane Price said...

I cannot believe this.

Eclipse doing an auction....

27 years ago I was witness to a similar, crude, attempt to prop up a market.

And its S/N 38. The last (official) E499.5 before the aeromod S/N 39. Offered at 95% of the list price, just to kick things off.

I, for one, am actually insulted.

Does the Great Raburn think that everyone is a mark? Pull the BatPlane stunt and then slip this into the mix, to 'prove' the E499.5 is still the Value Proposition that the Faithful said it was all along.


Oh, and 23 years ago the Managing Director of said company went to jail.

For robbing investors.


Ken Meyer said...

gunner wrote,

"That's pretty funny for a guy who demands "proof" of everything that fails to reflect well on Eclipse, Ken. How 'bout you provide a little in the instant case?"

You want "proof" that S/N 50-something is available? No problem. Just go to the Diamond booth here at Oshkosh and ask for the next available slot. There's no magic here, Rich. I'm telling you what we were told. If you don't believe me, drop by and ask them yourself.


Ken Meyer said...

Shane wrote,

"Eclipse doing an auction....

27 years ago I was witness to a similar, crude, attempt to prop up a market...GIVE ME A BREAK..."

Well you're pretty quick to attack. Maybe you ought to learn about the Bidder's Club before you attack. It was set up a long, long time ago, and the company is fulfilling it's commitment to members of the Bidder's Club.

You can learn more about it here so you won't look so silly attacking before you know what you're talking about.


airtaximan said...


You should not tell someone how silly they might look... in the event they were wrong... and in this case, I'm not sure anyone's opinion regarding how retarded the bidders/auction club is, could be called wrong.

How about your claim we'll all be eating crow when a funny functioning Aviong system is on display installed in a flying e-500 aircraft at Oshkosh?

Were you right, or wrong?

Gunner said...

Hey, Ken.

One of my partners is there at Oshkosh. He just dropped by the Diamond booth and met with them at length. He then asked for the next available slot. They told him it's in the high 200's due to a cancellation.

I guess we'll take your claims in context of the credibility that you've built here. If you get a chance, though, you might drop by the Epic booth. We'd be real interested in your investigative reports from there. Then on to Cirrus.

Remember, Uncle Vern watches what you do at the Critics' Blog and you have a lot at stake with Eclipse.

Ken Meyer said...

gunner wrote,

"One of my partners is there at Oshkosh. He just dropped by the Diamond booth and met with them at length. He then asked for the next available slot. They told him it's in the high 200's due to a cancellation."

Why don't you tell him to dress right and offer cash? Maybe he'll get a better response if he looks like he might actually buy one :)

Kidding aside, I don't much care what your friend says. I know exactly what I was told, and I chose to report it here. Believe it, don't believe it. It doesn't matter to me either way. I have the benefit of knowing what was actually said.

But I can see why you're bothered--it looks to me like Diamond is not getting all that much traction because their asking price is too close to that of the Eclipse. For 10% more, the buyer gets twin engine safety, redundancy of vacuum and power sources, much better speed, higher cruising altitude, the ability to climb over weather, and a remarkably advanced avionics package.

Why take 50% less airplane for 10% less money??


Gunner said...

Interesting point Ken. I can either take your word for it, given the enormous credibility you've built here, or the word of a pilot that I've been in business with for 14 years.

Hmmmmm, lemme give this some thought.

ExEclipser said...

Hmmm... Auction specs look like OLD specs, not the new ones (ie: Ramp Weight is listed at 5800, not 6029).

As a faithful member of the faithful, this disturbs me. I've known all along that an early position would be auctioned. But at a 5% savings? Hmmm... Aeromods should be done, but they'll be retro (heavier airplane). If they REALLY want to know what the market value of their plane is, then put a no-reserve price of $1 and see where it'll take ya.

And, yes, I'm disturbed by the whole ECJ thing. Maybe they should have paid this outside engineering firm to design and build all of the yet-to-be-available options like the lav, entertainment center, refreshment center, etc.