Monday, January 28, 2008

Time to Say Goodbye

Anybody who follows the blog knows that conditions at Eclipse are getting more desperate.

And now that Eclipse intends to bed down with some folks who may not know how to play nice, it is time for me to suspend this blog so as not to become a lightning rod for retribution from ABQ or Europe.

Meanwhile, I would encourage others to set up forums so that the our fellow bloggers will have a place to meet and continue the discussion. In this case I think there is safety in multiple sites, you know, the whac-a blogger syndrome.

Keep checking here for a couple of weeks as there is some unfinished business. I will post links to any other discussion forums and, flightcenter is still waiting for final numbers from the FAA before naming the winner who came closest to picking the number of 2007 deliveries. BTW, the winner will receive one of the Eclipse desk models that are available on ebay.

I have mixed reactions to closing this thing down. It brought together a very impressive group of participants whose collective knowledge and wisdom really made the blog a fountain of aviation information. There is no reason this information can't continue to flow, I just don't want to be in the spotlight.

I am deeply grateful to all of you who have skies to all.



bill e. goat said...

You've done a heck of a service.
It's been a pleasure reading the blog- I said it before, and it's still true:
This has been better than (my previous favorite) Aviation Week!

I sincerely hope you participate on whosever site picks it up.

(Maybe someone will volunteer to "pick it up" so all the talented contributors don't become scattered, I would hope?).

Thanks from all of us.

(p.s.- make it a book!!!)

hummer said...
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baron95 said...

I thought this thing was really winding down lately. Many left, very few new topics. It was informative while it lasted.

Why don't we move our coments to an established aviation forum site like

Some posters here would get a a rude awakening there, when they find that their low quality and personal atack posts will be quickly deleted by moderators.

You have to register and pay a one-time fee to post. It is free to read.

We can create an Eclipse Aviation thread there.

Just a thought.

Turbine Power said...

S/N 116 is scheduled for delivery this week. Avio NG is certified, the sims are up and running, FIKI testing is progressing nicely, there are 6 or 8 planes routinely flying many times of the day, the plane gets great performance, and owners consistently report how good it is.

The company has solved all the showstopper problems, and it just isn't going to disappear as some here truly believed. Maybe the Eclipse Aviation Critic fizzled out because Eclipse didn't.

Shane Price said...


Many, many thanks for your efforts. If you find yourself in need of friend (or a favour) on this side of the pond, drop me a line. You know my email address and I'm not hard to find from there.

AfriKen (you know who you are)

Maybe, just maybe.

Keep the Faith brother, your plane (s/n 134 was it not?) is still not finished, and may never be.


airtaximan said...

Amazing TP, just amazing. You silly boy.

Stan, was it something I said? I made a comment that one day you will be called to court...

Well, I am sad to see the blog go, and hope someone else picks up the ball.

I have some serious connections in publishing and Hollywood, and one day, this could make for a very intersting book/movie.

The characters are intersting, and the story line is basically Tucker meets RJR/Nabisco and Enron all wrapped up in a nice messy Borrito!

Sorta Jetfire of the Vanities.

Anyhow, you must be a great person, and have done something really really good here.

Be well.


WhyTech said...


The Eclipse specific material presented here has consistently been interesting, and often compelling, however, the real value add has been the lessons in human behavior - priceless! Your steady hand on the tiller has made this by far the most rewarding online forum in which I have participated. Thanks!


Redtail said...

Beware plutonium laced tea.

WhyTech said...

"Beware plutonium laced tea."

See what I mean!


The Real Frank Castle said...

It's been fun, Stan, I appreciate the chance to post here, and thanks for the occasional "kick-in-the-pants". Sorry to have watched more, and participated less.... Or, maybe that was a good thing !

I really got tired of that Ken fellow.

Hasta Lasagna !

flightguy said...

There is very little new stuff to discuss. It is not because the issues have been resolved AfriKen, but it is still the same old business as usual for the last 10 years. The only difference is the noose has tightened around the neck of Vernon T. Rayburn. Once the russians have bought the long term rights with truly short term financing it signaled the beginning of the end for the company that Vern founded. Will Eclipse be picked up shortly, probably but never mass produced as envisioned.

Farewell, Eclipse Aviation and more importantly sleep well Stan Blankenship. May you have fair winds and pleasant seas!!

Niner Zulu said...


Thanks for nearly two years of lively discussions, laughs, and the occasional knock-down-drag-outs!

I'll miss talking to you guys, and wish all of you the best. Hopefully I'll bump into some of you in the future - as we all know the the world of aviation is pretty small.

Take care & safe flying!

Beedriver said...

Thanks a lot for the blog. it was really a mini MBA

It showed the futility of trying to penetrate a mature market with a totally new company without actual disruptive technology. In an emerging technology many times you can drive the developments you need but in a mature technology it is usually hubris of the worst sort to think you are smarter than the thousands of the people who went before.

thanks again for your effort.

Beedriver said...

Thanks a lot for the blog. it was really a mini MBA

It showed the futility of trying to penetrate a mature market with a totally new company without actual disruptive technology. In an emerging technology many times you can drive the developments you need but in a mature technology it is usually hubris of the worst sort to think you are smarter than the thousands of the people who went before.

thanks again for your effort.

Anonymous said...

Mouse (merm),I know you are out there:) I gotta ask...did you work for EAC and then Adam?

Stan, thanks for making the middle of my day interesting.

I still have to put up with Eclipse so at least I can continue to keep the gossip rolling with all the ex EAC guys.

Beedriver said...

Thanks a lot for the blog. it was really a mini MBA

It showed the futility of trying to penetrate a mature market with a totally new company without actual disruptive technology. In an emerging technology many times you can drive the developments you need but in a mature technology it is usually hubris of the worst sort to think you are smarter than the thousands of the people who went before.

thanks again for your effort.

James said...

Thanks Stan
History will tell the tale.

mouse said...


I agree, the end which has been in sight for so long is nocoming more into focus.

At least the frustration of answering the questions of 2 year olds will end. This story has no winners, only losers.

Let me know if you want some help on the screenplay...

Yes, in that order...

EclipseDriver said...

mouse claims, "This story has no winners, only losers."

Well, mouse, you lost.

And Stan, you lost.

And gunner, you lost.

All of you for different reasons. But all of you lost.

And most everybody else whining and bellyaching about Eclipse lost something dealing with Eclipse.

But those of us who bought the plane enjoy flying it, and we got the most modern, best-designed, most cost-effective plane to come along in decades. WE WON.

Yep. Winners and Losers for sure.

EclipseOwner387 said...

Good time to end I guess. Eclipse is poised to pull it off and my bet is they survive. It may not be much smoother than what we have seen but they will somehow pull it off. Good luck Eclipse!

I would like to see a robust blog or forum that is similar to this one on GA breaking news/issues - maybe small turbine aircraft related? Any takers? I will be there!!!!!! Just give me the new location....

Stan ... Goodbye and good luck. I may not have always agreed with you but I truly believe you are a gentleman and hold you in high regard.

Warm wishes,
Dennis Crum (not EO)

Jake Pliskin said...

but stan, if we pull out early the terrorists have won.

Eric said...

While I've been a lurker more than a poster I'll miss the blog. It was very educational. I was never a critic or one of the faithful... I'm not if either can claim they were right just yet.

Six Romeo said...


Thanks a million for your efforts to create and maintain this blog. It has been entertaining, frustrating, informative and eye-opening. It has also been a microcosm of society in general. The polar opposites here often remind me of the political "process" we are witnessing. Finally, thanks to all of those who have posted their insights and opinions. Good health and safe flights to all... even Ken.

fred said...

stan ...

your last post came as a schock !

i wish you whatever good thing that can come to your mind ...

really , some peoples REALLY deserves all theirs dreams come true , i think you're among them ...

if you ever come across some needs or help on this side of the world , it would be an honor to give it to you !

all the best , for all !

Plastic_Planes said...

All of you for different reasons. But all of you lost.

I regained much of my sanity and my family life by leaving. Many others here did, too. EAC allowed me to get back into a biz I really enjoy (not just a job, but and adventure if I may steal shamelessly). This blog enabled me to finally vent and relive and relieve a part of my life that took it's toll physically and mentally. I'm glad I did it, though. "That which doesn't kill us will make us stronger".

Stan, thanks for a place to hang out and chat. I'll miss my daily soap opera (now maybe I'll have to watch Oprah!). I'll miss the companionship of even the faithful (you lend perspective to my life).

Mouse, we've met and worked together. Best of luck at KAPA, I hope you guys pull this through. It was tough to see what happened there, but Dunc and John have a track record.

Bob, say "hi" to my old friends there. I still talk to some from time to time. I hope you guys survive, too.

Mirage, where are you going to find amusement now?


fred said...

just a last one for the road ...

Jake Pliskin , never came to your mind = if you only talk about terrorists , they've already won !

it's a no-goal issue , a bit the same than thermonuclear war : the only who'll win are the only not to play ...!!

FreedomsJamtarts said...

I don't get it?

For me the time to wind this up is when the outfit is liquidated.

There are still acts left in this tragicomedy as long as Vern continues to excel at the one thing he is good at - fleecing people.

As has always been the case, the news comes and goes, sometimes things look better for the Partial eclipse, sometimes better for the Epoclipse.

The current white knight seems to have put another coin in the jukebox, but the fat lady is still going to sing.

Black Tulip said...

Stan, I don’t know which is worse – the loss of the Royal Library at Alexandria, or the blog closing down. Both captured the collective knowledge of their age. I’m just re-reading your original post of April 2006. The issues remain and your four-part treatise is a classic.

Going forward, I’d really be worried about Eclipse Aviation. Where will the company go for adult supervision or an independent critique – to the trackless frozen steppes of Russia?

I still think the bloggers should try to get together. I presume the Eclipse owners are planning their fly-in at the Sunriver, Oregon resort in September. (I hope they have known ice approval by then, as it is frequently needed there.) Maybe the Faithful and the Heretics could plan a grand tent revival.

mirage00 said...

The company has solved all the showstopper problems, and it just isn't going to disappear as some here truly believed. Maybe the Eclipse Aviation Critic fizzled out because Eclipse didn't.

Well I called for the blogs demise by year end 2007. "Missed it by that much"

I guess I no longer remain amused


ColdWetMackarelofReality said...

While I can appreciate Stan not wishing to be a lighning rod when, not if, when the defecation hits the oscillation, calling this vindication of the weejet is laughable.

So, in response to the ever so predictable, and ever so predictably wrong claim from the Faithful that Stan's decision not to continue the blog means somehow everything is fine I leave you with this:

FIKI is STILL not done.

There are STILL multiple Airworthiness Directives in place against the EA-500 from the FAA.

Avio NfG is STILL not fully functioning, meaning there is still NO FMS, still no MOVING MAP GPS, still no fully functioning autopilot, still no 'virtual autopilot'.

The transparencies are STILL subject to ridiculously low inspection and REPLACEMENT intervals.

Several HUNDRED owners-in-waiting who ponied up their 6 month progress payments, MORE THAN A YEAR AGO, STILL DO NOT HAVE THEIR PLANES.

Eclipse STILL fails to sell enough aircraft to support their claimed breakeven point.

Eclipse STILL needs regular cash infusions in the nine figure range, SEVERFAL TIMES A YEAR EACH AND EVERY YEAR, to keep the doors open.

Eclipse STILL pays it's bills late and has to be sued by vendors to receive payment for parts and services rendered.

Eclipse STILL has not met a single budget as originally promised.

Eclipse STILL has not met a single schedule as originally promised.

Eclipse STILL has not met a single promise as originally promised.

Eclipse is STILL delivering a partially functioning incomplete jet while demanding full payment for that preemie jet with a stack of IOU's and a cockpit full of INOP placards.

Eclipse STILL has to modify, AT IT's OWN EXPENSE, dozens of planes to the new Aero-Mod configuration.

Eclipse STILL has to modify, AT IT'S OWN EXPENSE, several dozen more planes with a totally new avionics suite.

Eclipse STILL has to modify, AT IT's OWN EXPENSE, ALL Avio NfG equipped aircraft, with SEVERAL software loads to EVENTUALLY reach full promised capability, from nearly TEN YEARS AGO.

This all equates to the Eclipse being STILL-BORN, only a few folks refuse to recognize it.

To Stan, thanks for the forum. I hope nothing untoward is what has resulted in this decision, Eclipse is a very litigation-happy enterprise (a REAL core-competency appears to be filing lawsuits, not winning them, just filing them).

Best of luck to all who participate here.

For those who elect to purchase REAL aircraft from REAL aircraft OEM's, may you receive the aircraft you deserve and enjoy many years of safe, reliable service.

And the same goes out to the rational Eclipse supporters - I hope you receive the aircraft you paid for.

I also hope the Faithful, who are actually position holders, get the aircraft you so richly deserve.

For those interested, a cursory search reveals three places we might consider as a new home for critic and Faithful alike:

I suggest we each check them out and perhaps return here soon to indicate which site seems suitable to continue our community. It need not remain focused on the weejet - I have developed several friendships here I intend to continue regardless but the community here is part of my reasoning for continued participation.

JetProp Jockey said...

Thanks Stan. I have been following what I considered and still consider a flawed business plan since I took delivery of my JetProp in 2001. This site has been a convienent way to follow the escapades of the company. Helpfully there will be a way to keep up to date.

As others have said, thanks for the forum. Wish you the best.

Hugo said...

Hello to everybody:

If you are interested, I have all pages of this blog in one rar file of 15 MB (70 MB descompressed) until today.

I can upload to rapidshare and/or megaupload if you like tonight.

Take care and good luck Stan!

Turboprop_pilot said...

Thanks Stan for a great place to learn and participate in the greatest aviation debacle there ever was. I've met some very experienced people and learned a lot about hubris.

Hope we can reform in a place that is private enough so the new "investors" from that criminally controlled steppe can not intiminate anyone.

Would the lunch group from Bedford like to get together for a final wrapup?

Turoprop Pilot

hummer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Black Tulip said...

Turboprop Pilot,

"Would the lunch group from Bedford like to get together for a final wrapup?"

Same place, same time, this Friday. Noon at Bamboo Restaurant, 213 Burlington Road, Bedford, MA.

Three signed up so far.

AlexA said...

Wichita Eagle Dateline January 28, 2008.
Stan Blankenship owner of a small metal tool fabrication company has decided to discontinue the Eclipse Critic Blog. Mr. Blankenship was believed to be slighted by Eclipse Aviation when Eclipse decided his company was unable to manufacture tooling precise enough to create nearly identical parts.

Hiding behind the first amendment the blog was able to intermix facts with vicious rumors and speculation designed to hurt the company that had slighted him. Eclipse supporters were often chastised for expressing different point of views, i.e., how the Eclipse 500 revolutionized the aviation industry, that the E500 represented an incredible value proposition. As Eclipse, albeit delayed, met its goals the interest in the Blog was in a steep decline.

“We’ll just keep pointing to how many goals Eclipse has missed and how much money was misspent.” stated AirTaxiMan “If that doesn’t work we’ll just make stuff up.”

The real turning point was the minority investment from ETIRC. Sources speculate that ETIRC has monies from the Russian Mob. This Eagle reporter has learned from confidential sources that Stan was visited by two Russian émigrés by the name Boris and Sergei. Boris and Sergei made it very clear that they do not appreciate anyone maliciously interfering with their business interest. The following day Stan announced the cessation of the Blog.

Plastic_Planes said...

Tacky Alex, tacky.

In the closing moments of history there's always someone in the bunch who has to show a total lack of class.

Nothing else to say...


Black Tulip said...


What would your mother think if she knew you wrote that?

Shane Price said...


Alexa does not have a mother.

Like all bacteria, It is the product of cell division...

Ouch, that's a bit rough.

But, what the hell, It deserves a good slap anyway.


WhyTech said...

"In the closing moments of history there's always someone in the bunch who has to show a total lack of class."

I am reminded of the Clintons "removing" china and silverware from the White House at the end of Bill's second term.


ColdWetMackarelofReality said...

Wow, imagine that.

One of the Faithful suggesting that criminal threats and intimidation to be de-rigeur and S.O.P. for the new Eclipski Organizatsiya in a petty, classless, and humorless post.

To borrow from Gomer Pyle:

Surprise, surprise surprise.

Begs the question if that may not be far from the truth?

I hope not, but I certainly would not be surprised - as I said above, suits and the threat of suits seems to be as much a core competency at Eclipse as raising capital and hoodwinking poor unsuspecting rubes with more money than sense.

Would that Eclipse had invested as much energy and resources into actually finishing the design and building the planes - there could be hundreds of these things flying, fully functional and without IOU's.

Is Eclipse now going to oppose the 1st amendment when it comes to inconvenient truths about the incomplete, partially functional, AD laden, preemie jet?

If that makes you feel proud of your association with this debacle Alexa then so be it, says more about you and your ilk than anything I could ever write.

Truly pathetic and disgusting.

ColdWetMackarelofReality said...

WT, don't forget, the Clinton cadre removed the W's from all the keyboards too - classlessness and pettiness know no bounds, in politics or the blogosphere.

FlightCenter said...

We need more people in this world who aren't afraid to call it like they see it. I applaud Stan for standing up and stating the facts and especially for providing a forum for others to discuss the situation at Eclipse.

There will always be those whose feathers are ruffled by dissenting views.

However, everyone benefits by bringing all the facts to light and by providing a forum for a vigorous discussion of the implications of those facts. The truth will out…

I really do mean that everyone has benefited from this discussion. Eclipse used the feedback provided here to improve many aspects of the way they do business and interact with their customers.

The blog provided a great service to depositors, potential customers and investors as well as general aviation enthusiasts.

We all learned a lot about Eclipse, aviation and human nature. I salute Stan for carrying the torch this far.

The road goes ever on and on…
[Now] from the door where it began…
Let others follow it who can!
Let them a journey new begin,
But I at last with weary feet
Will turn towards the lighted inn,
My evening-rest and sleep to meet.

Hugo said...

Hi, you can obtain the complete website in html format here:

Use Winrar or 7zip to descompress it.

Take care!

Gunner said...

Don't know what to say other than "Ya done good". Truly.

Every Blog has a life expectancy. This one will last as long as you keep it available, even in archive form. It will be visited and revisited by most who are attracted to the promise of cheap planes and personal riches in ABQ. And they will continue to be the wiser for it.

As to "who lost" due to the ongoing train wreck in ABQ, I'd say everyone:
The Critics, the Faithful, the Depositors, the Investors, the FAA. In short, the entire General Aviation Community.

Still, this Blog will remain an invaluable source of information for those wishing to know more than the the revisionist history available from the Press Releases.

PLUS, you can always revive it when Eclipse breathes its final gasp. Don't go too far, Folks.

Turboprop_pilot said...


See you there.


Black Tulip said...

Now we contemplate the blog fading to black. It is a shame to think of the unfulfilled promise- what could have been.

In the challenge to name 101 uses for an Eclipse, we only got to the mid-20s.

FlightCenter said...


I'm in as well.

Black Tulip said...

Excellent... I'll make a reservation for a table for 6 to 8. No Russian accents please.

anonymous avionics engineer said...

This is unfortunate, but I understand the need. What is the consensus on where to move the discussions to?

EclipseDriver said...

Great stuff, Alexa.

As the blog fades into oblivion, a handful of the naysayers will meet over one last beer to reminisce about the good old days of attacking Eclipse and...

"...BT in his kerchief, ColdWet in his cap,
they'll all settle in for a long winter's nap."

ColdWetMackarelofReality said...

The new VERNacular:

Accurately highlighting incomplete or non-functioning systems = attack

Accurately pointing out a fatally flawed business plan that relies on a volume the company has yet to achieve = attack

Accurately suggesting more conventional ways that would have yielded a plane that actually does what the company said it would do, the first time, every time, many years ago = attack

And yet the Faithful are the ones gleefully attacking people and usggesting that Scientology-esque attacks, intimidation and innuendo are appropriate ways for a company that purports to design and assemble an aircraft intended to carry passengers for hire to deal with criticism.

The Faithful are the ones who stoop to ridiculous personal attacks about unrelated events from bloggers' past to try and discredit a message that was obviously making someone, somewhere, very uncomfortable.


Cognitive dissonance fails to even begin to describe what we have witnessed here from the Faithful for the last two years - but it's a start.

This is the mean-spirited pettiness we have come to expect from the Faithful, the moronic drone that overshadows the real and valuable contributions of the rational supporter and the Critic alike.

Even in their dying gasp we are left asking the Faithful 'is that all you have?'

Stan's decision not to continue as the blog host might be for any of several reasons, but lack of material or material progress at Eclipse is NOT among them.

Perhaps Stan could fill us in on the nature of his decision and see if there is a way for us to continue the blog if CLEARLY under different sponsorship.

Black Tulip said...

Between naps, flying twin turbine aircraft, known ice, functioning avionics and autopilot.

airtaximan said...

I guess Alexa forgot I predicted:
2-dayjet had more than 1,000 "orders"
3-105 planes delivered in 2007

"The only one's making stuff up" as he put it, is Eclipse.

I guess he somehow hates me?

Sad commentary, but predictable. Truth hurts, I know.

Shadow said...

A sad day when thugs and threats of lawsuits prevail over the First Amendment in the US. Shame on Eclipse, ETIRC and the Russian government.

FlightCenter said...


Thank you for posting the three links for alternative places to take this discussion.

At first glance, it doesn't look like any off those three are very good options.

The first link seemed to have very few posts. The most recent posts were from July 2006.

The other two links didn't seem to have the format to support the kind of discussion we've been having.

I'm not sure if it is technically possible with, but another alternative might be for Stan to pass the admin function of the blog on to someone else. That is, if someone was willing to take over the responsibility.

Anyone know whether it is possible to transfer a blog on blogger?

Gunner said...

Transfer of Blog Ownership is pretty easy:
Check here

hummer said...

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ moves on: nor all your Piety nor
Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all your Tears wash out a Word ot it.

the rubaiyat - omar khayyam

Goodbye Old Friend

AlexA said...


AirTaxiMan but I don’t hate you. With the demise of the Blog here is a number for you 800-784-2433, no sense hurting yourself.

John said...

The unused in a year message board for ISSC on IV might serve as a temporary home. IV allows HTML posting including tables. IV has ignore and other useful features to denature the threat constituted from posters who abuse their welcome.

IV has served well the needs of a number of lurkers on this site tracking the adventures of Ed Iacob....

bill e. goat said...

Redtail and Alexa,
I accepted your puns as satirical wit- I hope you stay with the blog, wherever it goes.

ED, I'm glad you are pleased with your airplane. (I'm not sure what you "won", or what others "lost", but I'm glad you're pleased with the outcome).

I agree with Jake ("if we pull out early the terrorists have won"). And with Freedomsjamtarts: As long as Vern is around, society needs a blog to keep track of him! (Ah, isn't that what the FAA was SUPPOSED to do?? :)

Thanks to Gunner for finding the cool transfer link- that looks like the best setup if we can find a volunteer. (I'm not so familiar with the IV info John posted- I've enjoyed the cavalier liberty of this site- not sure if other sites are as uninhibited. It would be nice to have the table posting capability though...).

I think the most desirable thing is to have the "group" stay intact- at a place with enough visibility for "lurkers" and occasional contributors to find it easily. And at a place where others can contribute anonymously- I believe this has been an invaluable aid to open discussion here.

Well, back to volunteers...FC seems way more web savvy than me (of course, that goes for just about everyone else here as well), and I think all would agree quite objective. FC??
(Hopefully Stan will continue to be a frequent contributor, anonymously or not. I cannot imagine how much work the blog has been for him, there isn't a Pulitzer for blogging (yet), but I'd say this blog has certainly been a stunning accomplishment in investigative journalism, in the finest tradition).

Gunner said...

I, for one, think Stan's timing for this decision is outstanding. This Blog was never intended to be a blow-by-blow history of Eclipse. Stan's goal was to expose a company that thought it could say anything, promise everything and attack anyone with total impunity.

Stan changed that reality forever.

For a very long time this was the ONLY voice raised in opposition to the Hoax in ABQ. Today, even the mainstream press is unwilling to report Eclipse Press Release as news.

The Faithful continue to miss the point by assuming this is some sort of "we vs them" contest. They believe they've won. Won what, though? A partially complete, cheaply made jet? A company now controlled by a Chairman who bought his position with the promise of a few months of cash flow? The promise of owning a REALLY cheap jet which may well depend on a rural Russian factory for support a couple years from now?

If that's a "win", I'd hate to see what they consider a "loss".

The fact remains that this Blog pulled the curtains back from the ABQ Freak Show. For those willing to research, read and THINK, this has been a fabulous resource which, I suspect, has saved TENS OF MILLIONS for potential customers.

I say again, Stan: Ya done good.

Dan Swanson said...


Thanks for your effort and guts. I hope that some day we know exactly why you called it quits.

All of this information being in the public domain will change the fallout from the Eclipse collapse. Many of the Eclipse investors will have to act more "surprised" than they otherwise would have had to.

I have really enjoyed this blog. But I realize that all good thing must come to an end.

Since 2002 or 2003 I have been hoping that someone would write a good book about Eclipse. I just hope that such a book is written. The problem is that many people will believe that Eclipse just barely didn't make it, or that some bad luck made it collapse.

You just can't teach Aerodynamics, Physics, and Thermodynamics to Economists. It really hurts me, but it's true.

Good Luck and Godspeed.


Turbine Power said...

gunner says "I, for one, think Stan's timing for this decision is outstanding."

Gunner, I agree.

7 Eclipse 500's flying right this minute. Close to 120 delivered already. So much demand that they have to open a second factory. This is a done-deal.

So what else could Stan do? Like Giuliani, he's making a graceful exit before he starts looking really silly by telling the world that bumblebees can't actually fly, even as they swarm overhead.

mirage00 said...

So what else could Stan do? Like Giuliani, he's making a graceful exit before he starts looking really silly by telling the world that bumblebees can't actually fly, even as they swarm overhead.

Brilliant! Where have I heard that before????

I no longer remain amused

double 00

Turboprop_pilot said...

I registered at and posted under Eclipse500 Get Real. Even though there are NO postings except by JoeN, maybe we can rejuvenate his blog. It takes a day to get approval to be a poster.


EclipseOwner387 said...

I have registered on VLJPlanet as well.

ExEclipser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ExEclipser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ExEclipser said...

Check out Not a whole lot there, but it's well set up to handle multiple discussions about multiple manufacturers.

ColdWetMackarelofReality said...

Our LYING AfriKen blogger continues to blatantly and deliberately misrepresent (LIE ABOUT) the situation, to deliberately and blatantly misrepresent (LIE ABOUT) what Stan said were his reasons, and to deliberately and blatantly misrepresent (LIE ABOUT) the performance of Eclipse.

He continues his charade (LIE) about being an Afrikanner in transportation when all know he is none other than a repackaged Ken Meyers who also LIED about the reasons for the blog, who LIED about the motivations of the participants, and who propogated all the LIES told by Eclipse as to their absence at AOPA, the LIES about the wing bushing issue, the LIES about the transparency issue, the LIES about the multiple AD issues, LIES about the the FIKI issues, the LIES about the GPS issues, the LIES about the RVSM issues, the LIES about the O2 mask.

When we reconstitute the community, either here or elsewhere, one can only hope AfriKen Meyers continues to 'represent' Eclipse so accurately, so Faithfully, and so hopelessly for all to see.

AfriKen Meyer's petty and vitriolic LIES are the best representation of what would-be Eclipse supporters need consider - THIS is the company you seek to keep and the standard by which you will be judged.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

agroth said...


I've only posted a few times (I am very active in a couple other forums), but I have learned so much here—on a large range of topics—and I’m impressed as hell with the caliber of people on this forum. I’d hate to see everybody scatter!

How about we give VLJ Planet a try? I’m not associated with the site, but I’m familiar with its owner. He’s a great guy, and an airplane owner with time in turboprops and jets. It’s the first site I thought about when I saw that Stan was shutting down Eclipse Aviation Critic a couple of days ago. VLJ Planet would be a much easier format to navigate than Blogger, and we could probably talk the admin into having specific manufacturer forums (Eclipse, Cessna, Diamond, Cirrus, etc…).

Eclipseowner387 has registered there! Do I need to say anymore? :-)

Andy Groth

ColdWetMackarelofReality said...

JoeN at VLJ Planet ( has posted a welcome message for folks who wish to continue the discussion there.

Might be another possibility or two in the next day or so.

Turbine Power said...

"Lies, lies, damn lies!"

...said the pot to the kettle :)

After all the dire predictions of the demise of Eclipse, how ironic that it is the blog itself that dies. And how telling that coldwet insists it's all a lie.

agroth said...

VLJ Planet Forums

eclipso said...

Stan...thanks for ALL the info and a really great place to learn. I started reading this before I went to Eclipse and almost changed my mind. I kept up with it while in ABQ and what I saw there was atrocious. Stan, thanks for forwarding my posts when I couldn't because of issues ther. This forum was also istumental in me leaving Eclipse as I still kept my integrity if 30 plus years because of the professional "opinions" here. This has really been a good experience reading and (being there) knowing it was true. CWMOR, Shane, AT, guys kept it going and all the others also have created a nice atmosphere on comradre...thanks again and I look forward to which forum we meet next...Tom

PubGrubber said...

Stan thank you for starting this blog. I picked up on it one day after leaving E-clips and was working for a competitor. It brought back some of the good memories of working at Eclips, and also reminded me of some of the unrealized fears while there. I have first hand experience at two places on how difficult it is to start an airplane from scratch and move into production.

To the critics - thank you for the honest if sometimes maligned outside view of the company and VLJ's in general. It helped me purge some of the dream I once held.

To the Faithful - thank you for the support and drive you have for the dream that was Eclipse. I bought into it lock, stock and barrell. A big part of me still holds on to that dream, albeit a little tempered.

Hopefully the new forum will continue.

Joseph said...

I am the owner/administrator of Please feel free to use the website as the new location for your discussions. The forums engine is very capable and will allow great interaction for a group like this. I have automated the user sign in process so that you should have posting capability within 15 minutes. I will also reopen the comments section on the blog once I get the spam under control. There is a welcome thread posted on the forum. Feel free to post new threads and ask for features that you may not see, but are interested in having. Looking forward to active discussions! JoeN

Gunner said...

I'm in.

hummer said...

Stan. . .
Looks like VLJPlanet is a good
alternative. Sure would appreciate
you joining and including your
knowledgeable and incisive input
there. Really, it wouldn't be quite
the same without you. Change your
name like Ken. . .we'll know who you
are. Later.

anonymous avionics engineer said...

Yeah, but our AfriKen friend may not recognize him ...

The scariest part of that is that he is supposed to be a Doctor? Can anyone imagine trying to explain anything to him?

agroth said...

Just to let everyone know, there have been a few hiccups today with the server that VLJplanet is hosted on. Don't be put-off by that. Joe is working to get everything running normally.


bill e. goat said...

To anyone clueless enough to think the blog is being shut down due to lack of material, I' say, stick around, wherever we go.

I have not contacted Stan regarding the following, as I do not want to put him in a position to confirm or deny my inklings, but I have had a latent suspicion Eclipse would get squidy- big time- and I suspect they are beginning to make noise along those lines.

And they sure aren't doing it because things are going "well".

Stan runs a business involved with other aerospace firms. I would like to think that his honesty here has served his reputation and business well: I should think it has earned him respect of many CEO's. But I suspect also has also garnered some "notoriety" in the eyes of misc. weasels in various bean counting departments.

I further suspect that running the blog has involved tangible risk of business opportunities, and he has continued to run the blog in the interest of intellectual honesty in general, and trying to keep the industry clean in particular.

Thank you for that, from all of us, pro and con alike.

I find the timing intriguing, and not a coincidence, of the following near-simultaneous occurrences, in the following order:

1) ETIRC involvement
2) Adam Broom's departure
3) The blog shutting down

Anyone see a pattern? I suspect E-trick is hell-bent on running a scam at Eclipse, and will spend money to crush any sunlight shed on their machinations.

Think this is a bunch of bunk?

I only ask that we keep three things in mind when looking for a new hang-out:
1) Anonymity of posters
2) Insulation of the blogmaster
3) And frankly, I'm ticked off that someone is trying to squelch the blog, and I don't want us to migrate to a lame-o wimpy website where we can't speak our minds openly.

(No specific reflection on any of the helpful and kind options offered, but I really hope we- and our future host- consider these issues seriously before we “move”).

The Real Frank Castle said...

if you need a comfy place to hang out.....Hell, I could open up "Frank's Place" again.....

Alexa. Cute. Real cute.....

Suicide hotline.

What a total $%&*off you truly are.

You and Dr. Ken-doll deserve each other. Hope the stir-fried welds obtain dissolution on your aircraft at altitude.

Twist and shout, babies..... MORE COWBELL !

Metal Guy said...

First off, thank you to Stan for providing a very useful and enlightening forum for discussion. First class behavior.

While the Eclipse fiasco has managed to find new short term legs to stand on, I hardly think the excitement is over.

I have been pondering how to summarize the events to date, as a token conclusion to Eclipses rocky start. I believe five basic points summarizes it in my opinion:

- I believe that Vern has finally learned that this is not an easy business, and adolescent arrogance does not sit well with those that have been in this industry for a long while.

- It’s now obvious to all that he completely misunderstood what was required to accomplish what he set out to do. It was apparent to many of us from the get-go that he would eventually fail in achieving the goals he initially defined.

- Yes, this is proof positive that given over a Billion dollars and 10 years, one can certainly create one hundred partially completed VLJ’s through simple brute force, no management competence required.

- From an investor’s point of view, Eclipse has been nothing but loss after loss. The promise to make it big has failed for the foreseeable future, due entirely to Vern’s incompetence to properly scope and understand the task at hand.

- And lastly, had only Captain Edward John Smith known that all he had to do was take deposits from the passengers for return trip tickets and shovel the cash into the boilers as quickly as he could, the Titanic would still be with us today.

As a result, Eclipse as a whole has developed such a stench about it that it is very difficult to give any respect what-so-ever to the accomplishments that they have achieved. Every word out of their mouths must be analyzed for the un-spoken un-truths that are always present. The intentional mis-directions and twisted half-truths from Vern’s mouth are second to none.

Congratulations and salutations to Vern for creating one hell of a company!

airsafetyman said...

Stan, Thanks for hosting this blog. It first became obvious that Eclipse was an embarrasment to American aviation. Later, I realized that the company has become become an insult, really, to people of all countries who are spending their working lives striving to make aviation a better place.

JoeN said...

For those of you that tried to make a post on yesterday, the technical issue has been resolved and the forums are working

sparky said...


It's a shame for you to have to leave now, it's just getting interesting. short term financing, followed by another short term financing, the move to the Russian steppes and finaly getting the certification for avio be shortly followed by the scrapping of yet another main vendor.

Look for a big announcement soon(in the next two weeks) that avio ng will be scrapped.

You can't stop now, it just keeps getting better.

bill e. goat said...

Well, I suppose there goes my idea of "EclipseAviationCritic-NG".

I second your sentiment: the most "amusing" days are still ahead!!

(I hope we are able to "Critiq"ue them as a group! :)

Turboprop_pilot said...

just made a test post on vljplanet- I hope we can keep this great discussion going with all the qualified participants.


Eclipso collapso said...


I have been reading this blog studiously for about 6 months but have never posted before now.

Let me echo the sentiments expressed by many others, that the work you have done here in highlighting the disgrace that EAC has brought to our industry, has been really outstanding. Your insight and stewardship have both been first class, and to those reading the blog - and let's face it, who with any interest in or association with Eclipse can have failed to? - you have created a platform whereby the good guys have shown that the behaviour at Eclipse is not the norm, and that most of the industry comprises responsible and honest professionals.

I am the CEO of an aerospace business in Europe, and I can genuinely and sincerely say that I have learned an enormous amount about my industry from many of the contributors - CWMOR, black tulip, airtaximan, flightcenter, shane price, fred and others - the likening to a mini-MBA is a valid one - and I sincerely hope that we can agree on a new venue where we will continue the discussion. I promise to make time to contribute in future!

Thanks again.

Niner Zulu said...

Hey guys,

The number of listings of E500's in Controller is now up to 55 - I believe that is an all-time record.

Without the EAC blog to keep them in check, the Eclipse PR department can now rev up their propaganda machine.

Personally, I've stopped caring if the diehards lose money to Eclipse. "A fool and his money soon part". The Russian money isn't going to change anything because the basic Eclipse business plan is flawed and they are not going to make money on the first couple thousand jets. How long the Russians will hang in there getting punished by losses is anyones guess, but IMHO the Russian cash infusions are only going to extend Eclipse's lifespan by a few short months. In December, I said Eclipse had 18 months until BK - maybe it will be a few more.

mouse said...

Wonder who pays to dutys and import fees...? Customs? Insurance providers must be very excited too about the coverage they won't have to provide any more, or maybe they'll just sit back and enjoy their new rates...

I guess all the vendors are supposed to agree to send their products to Russia without any issues... I'm sure P&WC is so excited to export their engines, and we know the US & Canadian governments will be so pleased to send all of our technology on to our comrade friends...

And the bilateral agreements are already in place between the FAA and..???

Don't suppose all those pre-sold airplanes on deposit have anything in their sales agreements calling for a US certificated aircraft with a standard airworthiness certificate, huh?

mouse said...

As for all of the very happy owners who have taken delivery of their completed airplanes (so they say, happily) will really enjoy trying to install any parts or assemblies that come from the new Russian assembly plant (and their new vendors from inside of Russia who will take over parts production) after the current vendors tell Vern to hit the tarmac. The paperwork to install an unairworthy/unapproved part on a certificated airplane is one of the FAA's most favorite things to push through with the greatest of speed and the leastest of scrutiny...

carlos said...

hi all

we are going to miss stan , but the forum is up and running again in with some revelations about the dropping of avio ng and garmin.

see you there

bill e. goat said...

Regarding assy in Russia...
After the E-trick news came out, I wondered if Vern's December pre-post-Holiday sale (50 deposits) didn't involve some fine print, such as being the start-up articles for the Russian line.

(I figured the pre-post-Holiday sale was just Vern's reaction to having spent his 2007Q4 "allowance" from the grownups before the quarter was up, and they wouldn't spot him the difference, to teach him a lesson. Now it seems obvious that was the first sign of Al "Money Bags" Mann saying it's over. The E-trick entry pretty much confirms that).

Don't know if it's related, but the depraved, corrupt (well, I could go on) Sen. Pete Domenici of New Mexico, isn't running for reelection in 2008- I'm convinced he coerced the FAA Administrator to let Eclipse "slide on through". Maybe Eclipse is seeing some loss of “political sponsorship”.

airtaximan said...

Is this serious about Garmin replacing Aviong?

What a joke.

Come to think of it... perhaps they should just make a fleet order of Mustangs and resell them below cost... probably better economics.


FlightCenter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FlightCenter said...

Eclipse 500 2007 Aircraft Delivery Summary

According to FAA records as of January 31, 2008, Eclipse has delivered 109 Eclipse 500 aircraft.

Eclipse delivered 1 aircraft in 2006, 99 aircraft in 2007 and has delivered 9 aircraft so far in 2008. Two of those aircraft (serial numbers 53 and 76) were delivered by Eclipse to Eclipse and appear to be in service as sales demonstration aircraft.

The highest serial number delivered so far is serial #115. According to the data from the FAA today, serial numbers 99, 107, 108, 109, 112 and 114 have not yet been delivered.

The background E500 delivery data and charts are published as Eclipse 500 Delivery Data.

The Eclipse 500 quarterly delivery report looks very impressive, showing excellent and steady growth in the manufacturing ramp up.

Quarter -- Quarterly
Ending -- Deliveries
Dec-06 -- 1
Mar-07 -- 5
Jun-07 -- 16
Sep-07 -- 28
Dec-07 -- 50

If you only looked at quarterly numbers, you could justify the position that Eclipse is on track to achieve their production goals. However, the Eclipse 500 monthly delivery report raises a number of concerns with this perspective. The monthly data shows an unsustainable surge in deliveries during the month of December.

Month -- Monthly -- Cumulative
Ending -- Deliveries -- Deliveries
Dec-06 -- 1 -- 1
Jan-07 -- 1 -- 2
Feb-07 -- 0 -- 2
Mar-07 -- 4 -- 6
Apr-07 -- 3 -- 9
May-07 -- 4 -- 13
Jun-07 -- 9 -- 22
Jul-07 -- 10 -- 32
Aug-07 -- 10 -- 42
Sep-07 -- 8 -- 50
Oct-07 -- 15 -- 65
Nov-07 -- 5 -- 70
Dec-07 -- 30 -- 100
Jan-08 -- 9 -- 109

While Eclipse did deliver 30 aircraft in December, they only delivered 5 in November and then fell back to delivering only 9 in January. These numbers work out to a 3 month rolling average of less than 15 aircraft per month. This is less than half of their one a day committed production rate. The latest communication from Eclipse committed to achieving one a day production rate in January 2008.

Another way of interpreting this production data is that Eclipse has actually been holding steady at approximately a 15 aircraft delivery rate for the last 4 months (on a 3 month rolling average basis).

In terms of delivering on Eclipse’s goal of producing 455 aircraft in 2008, (communicated to vendors by Bill Bonder) they are already 22 aircraft behind that plan as of the end of January.

Extrapolating Eclipse’s current production ramp rate on a linear basis through the end of 2008 would indicate that Eclipse will finally achieve a one a day production rate in December 2008, which would result in 234 aircraft delivered in 2008.

Other indicators also raise concern regarding Eclipse’s production rate. Eclipse informed the FAA that they had started production on

14 aircraft in Oct,
13 aircraft in Nov,
25 aircraft in Dec and
17 aircraft in January.

This is an average aircraft start rate for this period of a little less than 17 aircraft per month.

In conclusion, Eclipse delivered 99 aircraft in 2007. The mean value of all the predictions made on the Eclipse Aviation Critic blog was in fact 99 aircraft delivered in 2007!

That means that the Eclipse Aviation Critic blog predicted the number of Eclipse 500 aircraft deliveries with 100% accuracy.

Let me say that again, the Eclipse Aviation Critic bloggers predicted the number of Eclipe 500 aircraft delivered in 2007 with 100% accuracy 6 months in advance.

At the same time, Eclipse was predicting delivery of 216 aircraft in 2007, down from previous official projections of 515 and 402 deliveries made earlier in 2007. Eclipse delivered 19%, 25% and 46% of those respective official aircraft production plans.

The Eclipse Aviation Critic Projections spreadsheet shows each projection made by the blog members as well as the official production plan as revised over time by Eclipse Aviation. The Wisdom of the Crowds rules again.

Kudos go to Black Tulip, who also made a bulls-eye prediction of 99 Eclipse 500 aircraft delivered in 2007!

expilot said...

FlightC, 30 deliveries in December? That is so Vern like. Stan, Thank you for operating this blog. It has been very educational and entertaining. It has been a good counter balance to the BS that continues to come from the masters of disaster in ABQ. Eclipse- The worlds very first producer and inventors of the VLJ! A nice plane at 1 million and they would sell a historic amount. At 2 million,ramping up at the start of a recession? BK here we come! The best outcome may be that the little jet might be made in Russia and produced in small numbers. Happy Trails Stan

gadfly said...

To help lead the group to the next possible site, here is the information:

Do what you do . . . and maybe you will find a new place to share the information that is important to those of us who have built our careers, for the most part, on the aerospace industry.

Adios, amigos,

from the "gadfly".

(And thank you, Stan, for your extended patience, and understanding . . . enduring all the various opinions and "frames of mind" of the many "bloggers" who have passed through your blogsite. This was no small thing!)

Pos2Cockpits said...

Guess you have run out of things to say about all that has happened lately. A good way for you to save face and dignity. Smart move. It has been fun for us to read your thoughts from time to time - right or wrong, justified or unjustified. Lets move on. There are better things to talk about. Especially... Eclipse. Stay tuned. Oh, thats right. You're shutting things down. Well, see you at 42kft.

flightguy said...

You know what they say,

"Opinions are like a@@holes, everybody's got one."

From the previous post, some have both!!!

----Who needs a moderator???

bill e. goat said...

I second that motion...

Black Tulip said...


Washington, DC – February 7, 2008 – The National Aeronautics Association (NAA) has announced the winner of the coveted Collier Trophy. Commissioned in 1911, the Collier Trophy has been viewed as the most prestigious award in aviation. It is presented to those who have made “the greatest achievement in aeronautics…during the preceding year.”

The award for 2007 is novel, in that it is given to an Internet web log or ‘blog’ entitled Eclipse Aviation Critic. NAA President Jonathan Gaffney said, “We are proud to present the Collier Trophy to Eclipse Aviation Critic in recognition of their correctly estimating the number of jets delivered by Eclipse Aviation. This was not an easy task and certainly represents a giant step forward in aeronautics.”

Eclipse Aviation Critic was founded in April, 2006 by an aviation observer in Wichita, Kansas. Trained as an aeronautical engineer, Stan Blankenship is skilled in aircraft development having worked with Bill Lear, legendary developer of the Learjet. Blankenship opened the blog by raising questions about extraordinary promises made by Eclipse Aviation founder, Vern Raburn, compared to the company’s subsequent performance. In less than two years, the blog has logged 200 posts and attracted 20,000 comments.

Specifically, Eclipse Aviation Critic correctly estimated that 99 Eclipse jets would be delivered by the company in calendar 2007. At the time the blog was founded Eclipse Aviation predicted 1,000 jets would be delivered in 2007. Trying to guess the true number of the little jets to roll off the production line has occupied some of the great minds in aviation.

This has not been without controversy. Over forty bloggers submitted their estimates early in the year and the mean value of all these estimates was 99. The number 99 was submitted individually by blogger Black Tulip. Asked to comment he stated, “I guess it just shows that on average I’m a mean guy… er… no it shows that at the mean, I’m an average guy. If we had more time I’d describe the highly complex scientific criteria I utilized to choose the number ninety-nine.”

The subject of deliveries is also controversial because several bloggers, led by Gadfly, insist the company has failed to deliver even a single functional aircraft in 2007, or any other year. The aircraft is missing much of the functionality of other aircraft in its class including the ability to operate in icing conditions or a fully operating avionics suite.

Asked for his reaction, a senior aviation correspondent seemed stunned - “You’re kidding me. First Eclipse Aviation gets the award in 2005 and now Eclipse Aviation Critic in 2007? These are clear signs of the continuing decline of Western Civilization. Think of the greats who earned the Collier Trophy… Glenn Curtiss, Donald Douglas, Chuck Yeager, Kelly Johnson, Sam Williams. And now we’ve got these pretenders – a ‘company’ in New Mexico that can’t finish anything but keeps hauling in money and starting over… and now an Internet page! Orville and Wilbur have got to be spinning in their graves at the speed of the props on the Wright Flyer.”

The trophy will be presented this spring at a black-tie ceremony and dinner held at the National Air & Space Museum. Mr. Blankenship will accept the award on behalf of the blog. Reached by phone, he said, “I never expected to be going to Washington for such an honor. I’ve seen the dinner menu and I’m looking forward to the surf and turf. I’d like my filet medium rare and some friction stir fried vegetables on the side. Off the record, is there any way I can get out of wearing a tuxedo?”

Bloggers who have contributed to the site are invited from around the world. It is expected to draw aviation notables from as far away as South Africa. There has been a wide diversity of opinion expressed on the web site and this is reflected in the reservation name cards to be posted at the center of each table – Faithful, Critics, Diehards, Naysayers, Ex-Eclipsers, Neutral Observers, Spurned Vendors, Afrikaners, Russians, Dutchmen, New Mexico Politicians and Devout Raburnites.

Interestingly no table is to be provided for the Federal Aviation Administration as the FAA has been noticeably absent in the development of the aircraft. With tension running high, security at the event will be at an enhanced level. Specially trained guards will be sporting Winchester Model 1894 lever action rifles.

Black Tulip hopes to attend the dinner if he can work things out with his parole officer. “Sure I picked 99 but I don’t know if I should take that much credit. FlightCenter pointed out it was also the mean value of the whole crowd of buggers… uh, bloggers. Most of all I’d like to thank FlightCenter who tabulated and pushed these numbers around. He had a special touch in making them work out for me.”

Separately, a long-time reader of the blog plans to send Black Tulip another prize - a scale model Eclipse 500. It’s an early one, with the Williams engines and no tip tanks. Black Tulip wondered, “Is Eclipse going to update this model to include Avio NG and known ice?”