Saturday, February 16, 2008


The Eclipse discussion has moved to a new site.


Black Tulip said...


You must be proud...

200 posts.


Your first piece, April 2006, is a classic.

bill e. goat said...

Thank you for letting us hang out for a few weeks longer until we had a volunteer. (I hope the blog stays up so we can do some fond reminiscing though- there really is a lot of good technical detail embedded in the threads, and reading old (as well as new) Eclipse PR's are always good for a laugh.

"Anyone want to 'step up to the plate' over there"?

Shane- Tag, you're it!

(Thanks for volunteering. I'll try to get blog smart in the next few weeks in case it becomes advantageous to have backup site- maybe Dick Cheney and I will be hanging out together in a secret undisclosed location...I always wondered how they handled the secret disclosed locations...), but I hope everyone migrates to the same place, Shane's


(VLJ Planet has some fun reading too, but I’d suggest for convenience we keep the Eclipse discussion on one site).

avionicsnut said...

I've been approached by owner of (2) 500's! Looking for info on Eclipse 500's avionics suite (per se) for a mission to get the avionics up to par! anyone interested email me! Have Garmin(G1000 / G600 or Avidyne solutions in mind! whichever is best! No comittment, just trying to move forward!